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Program Endowments

Are you passionate about leaving your imprint for the future of all Sanger ISD Students?  By establishing an endowment you will have a lasting legacy enriching the educational process and educational opportunities provided to the students of Sanger ISD.  Creating an endowment is simple and easy.  An Endowment is a donor directed contribution which aligns with program initiative in Fine Arts, Music, Vocational Programs, Math, Technology, Language Arts, and science.  You can make a difference in the life of a child right in your own neighborhood and we can help you make it happen.  

All endowments supplement and do not replace or alter use of tax-based revenue. Donations to the foundation are received from individuals, corporations and other foundations, to fund educational programs and projects and/or to create an endowment fund. 

Established Program Endowments 

Bill and Cindy Bounds and Family Endowment:
Created in 2018 for Career and Technical programs within Sanger ISD within the Automotive, Mechanics, Avionics and Aviation Programs for 7th-12 grade students. 

Willard and Helen Bounds Endowment:
Created in memory of Mr. & Mrs. Bounds by their son, this endowment was established in 2018 for Career and Technical programs within Sanger ISD within the Automotive, Mechanics, Avionics and Aviation Programs for 7th-12 grade students. 

Brother’s Keeper MC #38 Firefighters/EMT Endowment:
Newly created in fall of 2020 to assist SISD Fighter/EMT high school students with equipment, certifications, and testing fees by Brother’s Keepers motorcycle club comprised of active, volunteer and retired firefighters along with their families.   

Joan and Jesse Coffey Endowment:
A fully established endowment originated in January 2008, by family and friends providing funding for initiatives in speech, drama and the fine arts.

Conger Family Endowment:
Established in December 2007 and fully endowed by the Conger Family whose purpose is to fund initiatives consistent with the Foundations Five Year Plan.

CoServ Electric Teacher Assistance Endowment:
An established endowment created by CoServ Electric in February 2007 for funding teacher assistance and classroom grant initiatives.

The Faircloth Family Endowment:
Created in 2014 for Community Outreach and Student Enrichment programs including but not limited to Field Trips, Food Assistance, Clothing and/or school supplies. 

Tyler Barnes Foster Endowment:
Established in January 2017 in memory of Sanger High School Graduate Tyler Foster by Tom, Valerie, Sara Foster, Family and Friends for a Career and Technology in Automotive, Mechanics, Avionics and Aviation Programs for 7th-12 grade students. 

Valerie Foster Endowment:
Created by the Sanger Order of Eastern Star, the endowment is supportive of the General endowment assisting in the perpetuity of the Sanger Education Foundation in honor of Valerie and the many ladies of the Sanger Order of the Eastern Star who have supported Community Engagement throughout her career within Sanger ISD. 

Dr. Karen Hamilton Endowment:
Established by Karen’s classmates in the fall of 2018 in honor of Dr. Karen Hamilton and her impact on her fellow alumni.  The Endowment creates funding for students pursuing interest in Veterinary and animal science Career and technical programs. 

Larry & Patricia Harberson Family Endowment:
Larry and Patricia Harberson have been annual supporters of the foundation since 2006, and took their generosity a step further by creating a family endowment with the initiative to fund programs whose purpose is consistent with the foundations identified funding priorities including Teacher and District grant awards.

Luttrull McNatt Endowment:
Established in December 2016 in Honor of Joey Luttrull for Instructional programs relating to Automotive or any other identified Instructional programs with the foundations Five Year Plan.

Greta Miller and Family Endowment:
Created in February 2020 in Memory of Greta and her love of Sanger and Sanger ISD, having taught in Sanger throughout her teaching career, the endowment supports Instructional Programs and Staff Development Initiatives for all campuses and all grade levels. 

Dodie Montgomery Memorial Endowment:
A fully established endowment was created in March 2010 whose initiative is to award funding for Special Education Programs with a priority preference given to Learning Disabilities, especially Dyslexia.  The family is ensuring that Dodie’s legacy of helping individuals will be perpetuated.

Rusty & Terri Patton Family Endowment:
Established in 2015 in Memory of Rusty the endowment awards vocational and fine art programs or any additional student career preparatory or fine art enrichment programs.

Kevin Dale Perry Endowment:
Established in August 2017 by Ashley Arthur Perry, Family and Friends in Memory of Kevin Perry for Career and Technology Programs in the Health Science Vocational Fields for 6-12 grade students.  

Kevin Polk Family Endowment:
Established in March 2017 by the Family and Friends of Kevin Polk, PA for Career and Technology Programs in the Health Science Vocational Fields for 6-12 grade students.

In Loving Memory of Jerry Schertz Endowment:
Established in January 2008 to provide a source of supplemental funding for vocational agricultural initiatives and/or a student scholarship.

Carol Ann Springer Memorial Endowment:
Fully endowed since September 2006 by the family and friends of Carol Ann whose purpose is to provide a funding source for elementary school initiatives.

John M. Sullivan & Family Endowment:
Created in January 2008 by Mike and Patty Walker, this fully established endowment supports advance placement and college credit program initiatives or programs whose funding initiative is consistent with the Foundation’s Five Year Plan.

Community Outreach Student Support Endowment:
Established anonymously in 2009 by multiple donors, this fully endowed endowment is for school district community outreach programs providing supplemental food services, clothing, school supplies and immunizations for socially economic disadvantaged students.   

Sanger Autism Spectrum Disorder Endowment:
Established in 2012 by Dr. John and Ashley Gage. The endowment annually award innovative programs for Autism Spectrum Disorders or Special Education Programs aligned in creating hands on learning environments to learn social skills.

The A.M. and T. L. Spratt Family Endowment:
Established in 2020 the A.M. and T.L. Spratt Family Endowment will be funding Band Instructional Programs including but not limited to Band, Choir, Music Programs and Fine Art Programs related to Music and Band.

To direct your contribution to any of these names endowments, simply click here.  On the contribution form you can indicate which Endowment you have selected.