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What We Do

We seek and distribute funds to support programs and initiatives to further enhance learning for public school students in the Sanger community. Learn more and get involved.

Making a Difference in a Child's Tomorrow

  • Jennie Flaa, SISD Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning
    Jennie Flaa, SISD Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning

    The Sanger Education Foundation builds bridges between the school and the private sector.  This allows us to educate on the great things we do within the walls of our schools while gaining their support for the dreams we have for our students. And, our community makes the dreams we have for our students come true!  It is important to me as a product of the Sanger Community to give back.  I became a teacher to share my love of learning and to help the children of Sanger find their passion in life much like I did.  One way for me to do that is by giving my time and money to the Sanger Education Foundation.  I have benefitted from many grants received through the foundation and know first hand the impact they have on our students.

Our Impact This Year

In 2023 we continued to see unprecedented educational challenges for our students and teaching staff.  Our impact throughout 2022-2023 reflected the following: twenty-one student scholarships being awarded, nine Instructional Grants, one District Grant, and three Career and Technical Instructional Grants.  2023-2024 promises to be a continuation of educational challenges in that students have greatly been impacted due to the last three years of instructional challenges and potential changes in the way the State funds our public schools.  Yet Sanger Education Foundation supporters have continued to support and make a difference in our student’s education.  Through Donor directed contributions to unrestricted gifts you have impacted programs ranging from emotional behavior, Math, Reading, Career and Technology Programs to after school Student STEM and Vocational Clubs.

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